It’s in her Blood

Descended from the great Babe Ruth. The great grand daughter of the famous baseball player Babe Ruth, Babe has definitely been passed down his ability to swing a bat. Everyone in her family has grown up playing America's favorite past time. She is creating her own legacy from a skill that not everyone has. Most... Continue Reading →


The End of an Era

Captured! Don Rico has come to an end. The famous Don Rico has been captured in the city of Lima, Peru while on a mission. He had been wanted in the country since his last mission there but though he would be able to slide through the cracks. Don has been in the game for... Continue Reading →


Seen clear as day in Hosier Lane. Just recently there has been an outbreak of new tagging in the famous Hosier Lane. To most people this is just more graffiti, but to the fans who know the calling cards they know that the assassins are back and the time is approaching for the game at... Continue Reading →

Annual Poker Game has Returned!

The stakes have never been higher. Each year a group gathers at the famous Bluestone Room for the annual Poker tournament. This year The members are even more diverse, and have nothing to lose. Last year set a precedent that will surly be broken! Infamous seasoned assassins such as The Slugger, and Tiger Tooth will... Continue Reading →

The Poppy is Back!

The reigning Champion has returned! The reigning Champion has returned and is ready for another tournament. Last year was a nail biter and was an incredibly close race. The Poppy is back and looking to win again. When not working and keeping her reputation in tack, she has been keeping up her poker face in... Continue Reading →

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